MicronFog™ Fogging System Applications

Dust Suppression in Industry

Renby Micronfog – Applications

The Renby MicronFogTM fogging and misting system has a range of industrial and domestic applications. These include:

Dust Suppression (preventing dust build up)

Dust abatement (reducing existing dust)


Disinfection and cleaning

Odour control (with fog) - or without power or water

Special effects

Humidification  (opens in new tab)


"The fogging system does everything it says on the tin and more"

Engineering Manager, Vegetable Packing company, Midlands.

Fogging systems are used in:

  • Vegetable Packing, Processing and Grading
  • Loading and unloading of bulk solids
  • Conveyor belt transfer points
  • Construction and land development sites/
  • Animal Husbandry sites
  • Art, Sculpture and Landscaping
  • Film and Theatre
  • …and many more
  • Alternative Fuels Handling
  • Coal dust suppression
  • Quarries and rock crushing equipment
  • Grain silos
  • Brick works
  • Slag works
  • Waste Handling Sites
  • Cement works
  • Component Cooling

Dust Control with Fog

How it works: Dust Suppression with Fog

In industries where dry bulk materials are moved during processing or loading, dust becomes airborne and can create a potential health hazard.

A MicronFog system sprays a micron – fine mist from specially designed nozzles. The mist droplets combine with airborne dust particles and the dust falls from the air.

The droplets are too fine to wet the product, but the airborne dust is controlled.

The systems can be used indoors or outdoors using little energy or water to create the effect. More on dust suppression…

Disinfecting with fog

How it works: Disinfection with Fog

Food processing and other areas which need to be cleaned and disinfected to a very high standard are notoriously difficult to clean. It is often impossible to get any mechanical solution to reach every tiny corner of the equipment.

A recent MicronFogTM installation required disinfectants to be delivered with fog. The chemicals were found to be much more easily transferred to every possible nook and cranny in the equipment, allowing the operators to be extremely confident in the cleanliness of their facility.

The image demonstrates a typical multi head fogging nozzle used in these kinds of applications. More on fogging disinfection... (opens in new tab)

Special effects with fog

How it works: Special Effects

MicronFogTM is extremely controllable, allowing artists and Set designers to generate anything from a Gentle mist to a Pea-Soup fog. When combined with lighting, the effects can be stunning.

Renby Fogging equipment was used in Sotheby’s Sculpture Exhibition at Chatsworth House and gardens in October 2014 . At Chester Zoo’s Summer exhibits of Dinosaurs, and Gigantic insects in 2012 and 2013.

Among other distinguished projects it also featured on The Canary Islands Spa Garden by James Wong and David Cubero. in the Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show 2009. 

More on special effects and landscaping with fog… (opens in new tab)

Enhancing a pool with fog

How it works: Swimming pool fogging

The landscaped or paved areas around a swimming pool can be greatly enhanced with fog. It also provides other benefits.

On hot days it can help to cool the area and in the evenings, pool lighting combined with fog can be a stunning visual effect.

Fog used around a terrace or a pergola provides additional evaporative cooling. This effect can result in a temperature reduction of 10oC in the fogged areas.

Our range of zone control valves, timers and remote controls, allows you total control of when and for how long each fogging zone is operating.


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