MicronFog™ Fogging System Key Benefits

Fog can help to reduce dust

Fog is so versatile, it is hard to summarise the benefits it can bring to your business as it is very dependent upon the application for which it is used.

Renby MicronFog is a revolutionary, economical and effective dust suppression, dust abatement, and air filtration system. Fog supresses dust in countless applications. New users are often surprised by its performance which frequently exceeds expectations.


Key FeaturesHow can it benefit your business?
Eliminates dustDust can cause serious health issues such as Silicosis or COPD. Complaints about dust emissions or airborne dust levels can result in the closure of your operation. Ensure a long future for your plant by managing dust.
Cools EffectivelyWith its ability to cool by up to 15oC; whether in chilled areas or ambient. Outdoors or indoors. Components, products, Animals and people feel the cooling benefits of flash evaporation which fog provides.
Rapid deployment and expansionYou can respond quickly to a problem, saving time and money.
Low energy consumption.MicronFogTM uses a fraction of the power of pneumatic fogging systems – saving power. Good for the environment and your profitability.
Uses minimal amounts of water.Many sites have water consumption limits in place. Use our system to keep within yours. Some sites have no water supply. (A trade show stand for example). A small water vessel can provide all the water needed for a temporary installation.
Versatile Layouts.Simply apply fog to the specific areas that really need it. This allows you to manage dust at source, allowing you to control it.
Modular ConstructionMany parts are common to different configurations. Considerably reduces spares inventory, saving you money on stock levels.
Odour elimination agents can be addedIf your site is generating nuisance odours, additives can be fed into the water feed that neutralise odours.
Can control insects and other pests.Simply by adding insecticide or pest repellents, fog can provide a solution to these problems too.

Fogging in action

This video gives insight into how fog could offer your business many benefits.

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