MicronFog™ Misting System Technical Information


MicronFog™ fogging systems come in a wide variety of sizes. The systems are supplied with 5 micron and 1 micron filters, UV disinfection system tubing, fittings, nozzles and other accessories as required to suit your application.

micronfog fogging range

MicronFog™ Fogging System Range

MicronFog™ Multi-Zone
A large scale fogging system capable of fogging multiple zones at different concentrations. Comes with Renby’s FlowFollower™ and zone control software.

MicronFog™ Lite
Used for fogging specific points in the process such as, or conveyor transfer points. Like MultiZone, the Lite timer and remote plant control can be integrated into your plant or visual effects control.

MicronFog™ Nano
Highly portable, start-stop only system suitable for low complexity applications.


MicronFog pumpMicronFog™ Pumps

High pressure pumps - 8 different pump capacities ranging from 1 litres per minute (lpm) to greater than 45 lpm for large fogging installations. This variety of pumping capacities enables us to configure fogging systems ranging from 10 nozzles to thousands of nozzles. Power consumption starts at less than 1 kW, depending upon the quantity of nozzles.

A ready assembled control panel, is integrated with a filtration and disinfection unit for enhanced protection.

Water is filtered to 1 micron, and is softened electronically. A UV disinfection unit ensures the water entering the fogging line is scrupulously clean and protects against legionella.


MicronFog nozzleMicronFog™ Fogging Nozzles

MicronFog™ is available with 4 different nozzle tyopes with flow rates ranging from 1.2 litres per hour to 7.2 litres per hour. Using the latest technology, nozzles are fitted with laser drilled ruby to ensure a consistent fog cone, droplet size and a long service life.

Special high quality pumps pressurise the water to 70 Bar. The nozzles contain a tiny impeller to break up the water andthis, together with the water pressure, generates the fog. The nozzles are readily interchangeable.


MicronFog push fitMicronfog™ Push-Fit Fittings

Using a special push fit connector, systems can be installed rapidly and/or reconfigured at will. The only special tool that is required is a tubing cutter and this is supplied as part of our prepacked kits.

If there is too much or too little flow in one area, then all that is required is a change of nozzle to address this. With the pump switched off, simply unscrew the nozzle by hand and swap it for one with a different flow rate.


Break TankMicronFog™ Break Tank

A break tank can be supplied when a more consistent water pressure level is required.

These can also be used when there is no readily available, consistent water supply

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