Conveys almost any bulk solid material - Dust and Odour free 

The Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor is no stranger to some of the most aggressive and difficult to handle bulk materials in industry. It is particularly useful when handling materials that create dust, spills or have strong or undesirable odours as it is sealed and contains these materials and the resulting dust and odour very effectively.

We handle a very broad range of bulk solids, both dry and wet. Including but by no means limited to: Food ingredients and grains, Meat and bone meal, recycled glass, fly ash from biofuel power stations, potash, tobacco, abattoir waste, fertiliser, lead oxide, cement bypass dust, dry clay and hydrated lime. In the table below, you will see a selection of the applications we have installed throughout the UK. A full list can be seen on the downloadable PDF if desired.

If you do not see your particular product or similar on this list, please contact us, as there is a good chance that we will have handled something similar elsewhere. Schrage also have a test facility in which new materials can be tested.

Key: H = Horizontal, HD = Horizontal and Diagonal, D = Diagonal, V = Vertical

Alt. Raw MaterialsHD 19.0m -14 t/hr1 x Type 160
AshH 53.0m - 1 t/hr4 x Type 160
Hydrated LimeV 11.4m - 6 t/hr1 x Type 160
Sewage PelletsHD 24.1m - 11 t/hr1 x Type 200
Starch / Guar GumHD 9.75m - 1.5 t/hr3 x Type 135
Meat & Bone MealHD 47.0m - 36 t/hr3 x Type 270
DolomiteHD 31.0m - 4 t/hr4 x Type 160
RDF charHD 35.0m - 2.5 t/h2 x Type 200
Waste plasticD 11.0m - 4.5 t/h1 x Type 160
Fly ashHD 12.6m - 30 t/h1 x Type 200
Sodium BicarbonateD 17.1m - 52 t/h1 x Type 270
High Carbon ashHD 24.8m - 35 t/hr2 x Type 270

To see a more extensive list of examples please download the References pdf.

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