The Benefits of a Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor

Tube Chain Conveyor layout example

Schrage Conveyors

Being a dust tight conveyor is not the only reason our customers buy a Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor. It has many features that can help your bulk handling processes run more efficiently and cost effectively.

The following table outlines some of the business benefits a Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor can bring to your operation.

Key FeaturesBenefits to Your Business
Gentle handling gives low product attrition.With a Schrage tube chain conveyor, damage to materials is minimised, meaning less waste and more profit. It eliminates degradation of delicate materials. Pre-mixed products such as muesli, animal food, mixed product for packing or canning, mixed ingredients for products such as cakes and biscuits can all be handled without causing unwanted separation or degradation of the mixture.
Low energy consumption.Metre for metre and kg for kg, the tube chain conveyor consumes a fraction of the energy of pneumatic conveyors, which are often used in these applications. .
Minimal product retention in conveyor.The discs are engineered to have a close – fit in the tube. They cleanly pull the product through the conveyor. This enables fast product changeovers, meaning more efficient manufacturing.( For certain applications, cleaning stations are also available).
Absence of cross contamination also eliminates material wastage.
Dust tight conveying.Products which produce dust or odour are contained within the enclosed tube. With powders, sludges and wet mixes, spillage is eliminated, saving on clean-up costs and wasted product.
Conveys up to 50m horizontally and 30+m vertically.One conveyor can do the job of several others, thereby improving plant reliability. Other technologies such as screw conveyors need shorter runs and frequent transfer points..
Starts up empty or fully loaded.This means you can design your process to operate as you need it. No need to empty the conveyor before stoppages. This increases plant availability and reduces wastage.
Low wear rates.The Schrage conveyors are designed to suit the material to be conveyed. They are very hard wearing. They can be used even when the material being conveyed is highly abrasive and corrosive.
Down time is very low, maximising manufacturing revenue and saving on maintenance.
Versatile Routing.Reduce machine numbers by replacing several machines with a single conveyor. Also saves on controls and cabling.
Modular– many parts common to different configurations.This means a minimal spares inventory is required, thus keeping operating costs low.

Video Demonstration of the Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor

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