Schrage Conveyor - Big Bag Emptying Tube Chain Conveyor

Chain and Disk Conveyor unloads Big Bag material into Tanker

Big Bags and IBC's

A useful application for the tube chain conveyor is the discharge of big bags and IBCs

Big Bags and IBC’s are in common use for bulk materials handling and distribution. If the material needs to be moved to a higher level, as in this example of tanker loading from big bags, then an economical and versatile solution is required.

As bulk materials handling experts, Renby found that the Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor is the best way to do this efficiently and without spills.

The application shown in the photograph is a mobile single tube chain conveyor elevator system, ideal for use in this tanker loading application.

It’s a superbly compact and simple to operate solution ideally suited for loading or unloading from big bags.

Example of tube chain Conveyor emptying big bags. Onto a process

Alternate Two Conveyor System

This diagram illustrates an alternative two conveyor system.  A vertical conveyor is used to raise the material and then a horizontal conveyor transports the material to the receiving hopper. Lifts of 30m can be achieved, making this a most versatile elevator system.

One of the numerous benefits of the two-conveyor system is the ability for multiple outlets to be put on to the horizontal conveyor. When this is combined with slide valves, this allows it to become programmable, which means that it can automatically discharge to the hopper when material is called for by the control system.

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