Schrage Tube Conveyor 900m² Testing Hall

Schrage have a superb 900 square metre State-of-the-art conveyor test facility in their Freideburg headquarters exclusively for the use of our tube chain conveyors customers.

Schrage conveying test facility

Using our test facilities, we are able to choose the perfect material for discs, chain, and housing so that we can guarantee a long technical life.

B.Broer, Schrage Conveying Systems

The Schrage test hall is unrivalled in our sector and houses every possible conveyor type that Schrage produce, in a huge variety of configurations.

Schrage erect a conveyor similar to the line direction which the customer has requested and test the bulk solids under realistic conditions. Different materials and formulations can also be test-conveyed if necessary in the test facility. Doing this allows the Schrage designers to determine the most suitable tube diameter, chain speed, chain, tube and conveying disc material, cleaning station style, and chain tension. Once these parameters have been selected the design can be finalised.

Schrage testing and improving conveyorsImmediate Testing Enhances Design

The Schrage test facility is close to the technical centre so that designers can immediately test out configurations, disc types and chain speeds with our customer’s specific material, and incorporate the results into your design. You are welcome to visit and see your material being tested and conveyors being assembled in our manufacturing area.

Why test a material conveyor at all?

Do you have a challenging bulk material to convey? Heavy sludge, explosive powders or granule? Mixed ingredients, abrasive minerals? Something new? Renby, and our partners Schrage Rohrkettensystem GmbH are no stranger to complex and challenging bulk solids conveying. The Schrage Tube Chain conveyor is sometimes the ONLY conveyor that can handle certain bulk solids and powders without compromising some other aspect of the process.

Some materials are fairly homogeneous and many of the conveyors we sell are additional conveyors for existing happy customers or convey bulk materials that we have seen many times before as you will see from our References section.

However, occasionally, new materials which we have not handled before or alternative mixtures and formulations can present challenges. Renby and Schrage pride ourselves in getting the conveyor design just right before recommending the design and configuration. In addition, some customers like to personally view their material being conveyed and assure themselves of the quality of the product they are purchasing. Visitors are always treated to a typically warm Friedeburg welcome at Schrage.

Schrage Conveyor Headquarters


Our aim is to work with your team to give you the best solution for conveying your bulk material dust and odour free so you can concentrate on what you do best.