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The following are a selection of the applications we have installed throughout the British Isles. As you will see, the tube chain conveyor is no stranger to some of the most aggressive bulk materials being handled in industry.

If we have not already handled a product similar to your own, please contact us, as there is a good chance that we will have handled something similar elsewhere in Europe.

Below is a sample of our Tube Chain Conveyor work and is a cross sample of the type of businesses we work with.

Selection of Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor Installations
2003MuesliHD-25m3 t/hType 1151SE
2003Sodium BicarbonateH-5m1 t/hType 1151NW
2003PotashH-12m20 t/hType 1601NW
2002Calcined ClayHD-8m1 t/hLight1SW
2002Muesli MixHD-10m1.5 t/hLight1SE
2002Cement Kiln DustHD 22m2 t/hLight1SE
2001Wheat FlakeV - 5m2 t/hLight2SW
2001Lead CompoundsH-8m, 6m V - 8m30 t/hType 1603SE
2001Rubber CrumbHD-12m2 t/hType 1601NW
2000Limestone GritH-12m6 t/hType 1601NW
2000PotashH-16m15 t/hType 1601NW
2000Coffee GroundsHD-30m2 t/hType 1601Mid
2000Lead OxideHD-12m6 t/hType 1601NW
2000Iron OxideH-12m, 6m V-20m Type 1603NE
2000Lead OxideD-14m6 t/hType 1601NW
2000Dry Concrete mix, mortarHD-15m3 t/hType 1601NW
2000Lead CompoundsH-8m,6m, v-8m30 t/hType 1603SE
2000Coal DustHD-22m20 t/hType 2001NW
1999PotashH-14m, 6m15 t/hType 1602NW
1999Magnesium OxideH-16m5 t/hType 1602NE
1999Lead OxideHD-22m6 t/hType 1601NW
1999Coal DustV-4.5m4 t/hType 1601Mid
1998Coal DustH-22m Type 2001NE
1998Fly AshHD-40m5 t/hType 1601NW
1997PotashHD-6m15 t/hType 1601NW
1997BauxiteHD-10m2 t/hType 1601ROI
1997Coal DustV-16m Type 2001ROI
1997Clinker / LimeV-6m2 t/hType 1601ROI
1996FertiliserHD-14m4 t/hType 1601NW
1996Shredded Plastic  Type 1603ROI

Key: H = Horizontal, HD = Horizontal and Diagonal, D = Diagonal, V = Vertical

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If you require any further information about Renby Ltd's Schrage Tube Chain Conveyors please contact Renby Ltd.