Low Power Dust Tight Conveying

Low Power Dust Tight Conveying

Multiple Outlet Tube Chain Conveyor for Kaolin

Many industrial processes need to move dusts and powders around. The holy grail is to achieve this with low cost of ownership and consume low amounts of energy. The conveyor needs to take in all of the material and discharge all of it at the required outlet without damaging the material. The Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor meets these objectives. It enjoys the following benefits:

Cutaway Section of conveyor

Cutaway Section

  • Low power consumption – the smallest conveyors can move 0.45m3/h and only consume 250W – less than an office computer! The upper limit to throughput is 60 m3/h with 11kW.
  • Gentle handling – your delicate product is discharged in exactly the same physical form as it entered the conveyor
  • Low wear rates – due to the slow speed of operation, the life of wear parts is measured in years.
  • Low maintenance – a simple check every month is all that is needed, just taking a few minutes. If required at all, major maintenance can normally be planned for an annual shutdown.
  • ATEX ratings available – conveyors can be supplied to meet all ATEX levels; safe zone to ATEX 20.
  • Totally dust tight – the all steel construction means no leakages, all of the product you put into the conveyor comes out at the other end. As there is no pressure inside the conveyor, there is no internal force trying to push material out.
  • Range of steel types – from carbon steel right through to 318 stainless (corrosion and abrasion resistant)
  • Large conveying runs possible – 60m horizontally or 40m vertically. The conveyor can run at any angle from 0o to 90o.
  • Three dimensional configurations possible – this can reduce the machine count significantly, enhancing plant reliability.
  • Multiple inlets and outlets – feed and discharge your material in any combination.

Long Life, Excellent Value and Dust Tight

Characterised by long life time and excellent cost to performance ratio, the tube chain conveyor is the solution to many conveying problems. Totally dust tight, all product passes through the conveyor without losses, increasing process efficiency and having very low power requirements.

We are always happy to discuss applications and create the optimal configuration for your process. For more information contact: Renby Limited @ +44 (0)1829 740913 or Email

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