Hydratech Toploader and Spirofloor Videos

Below, videos are featured of both the Hydratech Toploader and Spirofloor® Moving floor, giving you an opportunity to see each system running with real materials that we have handled over the years.

Spirofloor® Moving Floor

The Spirofloor® is the reception bunker of choice for medium sized and large applications. Custom designed to the size you require, it can handle huge volumes of material and deliver it into your process as and when it is required.

These static moving floor bunkers are the ideal way to store bulky materials such as alternative fuels and waste. They are custom designed to your application, and would be sized to provide the amount of storage that you need and discharge it at a suitable rate for your process. For more information, take a look at our dedicated SpiroFloor® web page.

Hydratech Toploader for Waste Reception

When you need to receive large volumes of materials from road transport, store it and then transfer into your process. The Hydratech Toploader (EU Patent No. 882390) offers an economical and easy way to automate this activity. Lorries can arrive, empty their load and be away again in no time, so that you don’t have to pay extra for additional driver time on site.

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