Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

How can we reduce fossil fuel use in handling

Reduce Fossil Fuel Use with Energy Efficient Solutions:

Handling bulky alternative fuels? Many biofuels and alternative fuels to oil, coal and gas do not flow like traditional bulk materials and require a very different approach to handling them.

CO2 emissions regulation is tightening continually. With that and rising fuel costs, the impetus to reduce fossil fuel usage in industry and in power generation is greater than ever. Green fuels are being used more widely than ever before. Fuels, such as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), chicken litter, shredded wood waste, Meat and Bone Meal (MBM), and Pasteurised Sewage Pellets (PSP) are great alternatives.

If you want to know more about how industry is reducing carbon emissions by reducing fossil fuel use, we have provided some links below for further reading.


Renby Solutions help industrial operators to work towards a Greener Planet

Renby’s range of conveyors, dosing and materials reception products are designed to facilitate the handling of alternative fuels and other bulky solids into your process and handle the resulting ash. For instance:-

Toploader makes dosing of biofuels easy

Toploaders are used for Biofuel feed

The Hydratech Toploader (EU Patent Number 882390) can be erected on a flat slab of concrete, allowing front loaders to tip or lorries to reverse in, deliver their materials and drive off within minutes.

The Toploader automatically feeds material into your process at the rate required by the process, making it ideal for the feeding of alternative fuel or biofuel into your fuel handling system.

More information about the Hydratech Toploader …

Recycling reduces need for fossil fuels

Spirofloor Handles Bulk Waste with Ease

Spirofloor® moving floors can be designed to automate the reception and handling of vast volumes of materials.

They can operate at higher throughputs than the Toploader and the choice of system is governed by the requirements of the process.

Spirofloor® can be supplied with a bag opener for bagged waste.

More information on Moving Floors …

Efficient motors mean less power used

Schrage Conveyors for MBM and Ash

Cement works have used a Schrage tube chain conveyor to handle MBM (Meat and Bonemeal) which is notoriously difficult to handle but is conveyed with ease using a tube chain conveyor.

The Schrage tube chain conveyor is also excellent for ash handling and is highly energy efficient, maximising power available to the rest of your process or for export and minimising your plant’s fuel consumption.

More information on dust-tight enclosed conveying …

Fog can reduce dust build up in Biofuel plant

MicronFogTM Controls Dust in Power Stations.

Fuel halls can be very dusty areas where material is moved around by front loader.  Each load into and out of the bucket generates significant airborne dust. The air in such areas can be cleaned up by using the Renby MicronFogTM system.

This uses microscopic droplets of water to agglomerate the dust, forcing it to fall out of the air.

More information on Controlling dust with fog …


Renby systems help alternative fuel generators to be more sustainable

Our aim is to work with your team to create the solution that resolves the problems of automatically transferring bulk materials from road / rail and into your process. Thus making your processes more efficient and sustainable than ever.

Renby Care about the Environment

As well as our products being environmentally responsible, at Renby, we like to stay informed about methods and technologies which help reduce our impact on this beautiful planet. Here are a few of our favourite recent selections of interesting articles on reducing fossil fuels.

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