Reduce Dust and Odour with Renby Systems

Fog in the air suppresses dust

Controlling Dust and Odour

Increased understanding of dust-related health issues, especially silica dust, has led to increased focus by regulators. Dust also affects machinery operation. Our dust and odour control systems help you work within regulations and create a healthier work environment.

Enclosed tube conveyors, contain dust.

Fogging systems control dust.

Neutrapak neutralises unpleasant nuisance odours.

Prevent dust emissions, with enclosed conveyors such as the Schrage Tube Chain conveyor. When this is not feasible, a dust control system is needed.

Dust extraction is costly and energy hungry. The economical alternative is to use MicronFogTM.

Odours cause industrial relations problems and public complaints, meaning litigation and public relations issues, wasting valuable time and money. Neutrapak is an effective odour control system that effectively neutralises odours.


Renby solutions help industrial operators shine in audits and avoid litigation

Experts in conveying bulk materials, dust and odour control, Renby can help customers to solve their dust and odour problems and therefore keep regulators happy and avoid complaints and possible litigation.
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Tube Chain Conveyor prevents dust emissions

Reduce Dust with Enclosed Conveyors

The Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor transports dusty materials such as dry foods, powders and ash in a totally enclosed system, eliminating dust emissions or cross contamination with other parts of your process.

Using this innovative tubular conveyor is one of the most successful ways to reduce dust emissions. Versatile and flexible design and operation allow it to be customised to suit your premises and process operating requirements.

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Dust suppression at Brick Manufacturer

MicronFogTMControls Dust Without Wetting

MicronFogTM is the best way to supress dust. Super-fine fog is sprayed into the air around a process. Dust attaches to the water droplets and falls out of the air. A complete warehouse system can be fitted.

Nozzles at transfer points control dust. The fine fog does not wet the product. It is used in dry powder bagging, vegetable processing and kiln dried sand loading.

Effective indoors or outdoors, the system can help supress odours if odour neutralisers are added to the water feed.

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Neutralising problem odours at Municipal waste site

Avoid Nuisance Complaints with Neutrapak

Some waste sites and industrial operators receive complaints for nuisance odours, making odour control systems all the more important.

If you need to reduce odours at your site, Renby offer an odour neutralising dry pack system. Odour neutralising molecules contained in Neutrapaks dissipate with air currents both indoors and outdoors.

Neutrapak neutralises the odour naturally and releases a pleasant aroma, thereby reducing complaints from neighbouring properties.

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Renby can help industrial operators to be better employers and neighbours

Our aim is to work with your team to reduce dust and odour in your business, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

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