Reuse waste and reduce wastage

Selection of waste materials

Renby Systems Reduce Waste

Most of us know about the TIM WOODS 8 wastes in lean manufacturing:

  • Transportation,
  • Inventory,
  • Motion,
  • Waiting,
  • Overproduction,
  • Overprocessing,
  • Defects and
  • Skills of workforce.

What about wasted administration time due to Litigation and dealing with illnesses and stoppages caused by a dusty work place? Where does that feature in the Tim Wood list?

How do Renby help to reduce waste?

  • Schrage Tube Chain Conveyors eliminate wasted material caused by spills.
  • MicronFog™ clears a dusty work place, reducing wasteful down time and
  • Spirofloor® Moving floor bunkers reduce waste by removing double handling of material.
  • Hydratech Toploaders are used for conveying waste into EfW plants and green waste processing plants.
  • Neutrapak neutralises Nuisance odours in waste processing and other industries.
    – reducing exposure to litigation and avoiding wasted administrative time
Micronfog fogging system

Efficient Dust Suppression

We replaced a compressed air fogging system with MicronFog™. The customer’s energy saving payback was just 14 months! Without this, the plant would have continued wasting energy and money.  With annual 10% energy price rises becoming the norm, energy efficiency is vital in the war on waste.

Cheap solutions may be cheap to purchase, but costly to own. How long before the capital cost of a cheap, energy hungry system is overtaken by the cost of its hunger for power? All Renby systems aim to keep energy consumption to a minimum. Renby systems have energy efficiency designed in.

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Tube Chain Conveyor conveying bulk materials

Enclosed Conveying Eliminates Spills

Poorly maintained conveyors which generate spillage are another source of wastage. Also some conveyors need large amounts of regular maintenance. These problems are eliminated by using reliable dust tight Schrage conveyors.

The Schrage conveyor is also highly energy efficient, meaning that energy and money are not wasted in its operation. Schrage conveyors are extensively used in the waste industry, conveying ash, MBM, recycled wastes and abattoir waste.

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Neutrapak Landfill Installation to Neutralise Odour

Reducing Wasted Time In Industry

Neutrapak is saving money for waste operators and plants whose activity generates unwanted odours.

These sites spend a great deal of effort attempting to prevent odours crossing their boundary, and a great deal of time responding to complaints and legal action relating to odours.

Neutrapak effectively neutralises odours without expensive mechanical systems. This saves plant operators time in responding to complaints and dealing with litigation.

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Moving Floor Bunkers in use

Reducing Waste In The Waste Industry

Spirofloor® moving floor bunkers and bag openers receive and convey incoming waste materials, and other heavy bulk solids.  Energy efficient considering the weight they often have to carry, they save on energy compared to other systems. More on moving floors…

The Hydratech Toploader is used in many industries, including Energy from Waste.  EfW operators need a reliable method of receiving material from any vehicle without wasteful double handling. The Toploader is the clear and obvious solution.

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