The Hydratech Toploader: A Reliable Waste Processing System

Effective transfer of alternative fuels from road transport and into a process is often given little consideration. It is not unusual for sites to rely on tipping material onto a floor and using front loaders to move the material around.

Not only is this inefficient but it can also become dangerous when multiple vehicles become involved. A much simpler solution for effective waste processing is The Toploader (European Patent No.882390).

What is a Toploader?

Toploader with material

The Hydratech Toploader system consists of a storage bay that can be easily mounted onto existing concrete. Lorries reverse into the bay and deliver their loads either by ejector, moving floor or tipper.

Once the lorry has driven off, the bunker entrance is secured. On top of the bay walls are a pair of tracks. A carriage, fitted with a loader arm, travels over the stockpile lowering the arm when it gets to the front of the pile.

It then scoops a portion of the material back over the stockpile to the back of the bunker.

A cross feeder conveyor (can be belt / screw / tube chain conveyor) runs across the back of the unit and transports the material at the rate required by your process.

Whilst this material is being conveyed away, the carriage returns to the front of the pile to collect another load. This is then ready to transfer onto the cross feeder conveyor as soon as it requires the material, ensuring that the process receives a continuous flow of material.

An advantage of The Hydratech Toploader is that it discharges material at a height of approximately 1½ m, thereby providing plenty of space for the cross feeder conveyor to fit in and also discharge onto an onward conveyor.

toploader closeup

Two small geared motors drive the whole of the operation of The Toploader, making it easy to maintain and observe the operation. Energy requirements and therefore running costs are low.

Typical widths of the bunker are in the range of 3 to 6m. This is generally governed by the width of the vehicle that is loading the bunker.

The Hydratech Toploader bunkers can be extended to create the volume of storage required for the application, with the length being governed by the travel time of the carriage and the discharge rate required.

How Will a Toploader Increase Your Waste Processing Efficiency?

Typical materials handled by The Hydratech Toploader include:
Chicken Litter
Wood Chip
Shredded paper.

toploaderAdditionally, a useful feature of the Toploader is that it is designed to receive material from any type of lorry.

This way, the owner of the system is not tied into a particular transport technique, giving the freedom to change providers as and when required.

Requiring the minimum of human intervention, the Hydratech Toploader is a very economical method for automating the reception and transfer of material from road to process.

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