Spirofloor® Moving Floor Bunkers

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As waste management moves near the top of the environmental agenda, investment in more efficient waste handling equipment has become a priority. For example, owing to the cost of double-handling tipped material, more and more waste recycling companies are refusing to accept tipper trucks.

Bulk waste transport companies must transfer material directly into the recycling plant feed system. The Spiro Conveying Floor (also known as moving floors) is the enabling technology for this.

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Renby is proud to offer such a technologically advanced system and in common with its other products the Spiro Conveyor Floor is customisable across a wide variety of applications.

Waste Industry

Spirofloor bunker for organic waste in actionSpirofloor® Moving floors are used predominantly in the waste industry. They are tough enough for virtually any loaded waste vehicle to drive over and can handle highly bulky, heavy and aggressive wastes.

In this image, we see green waste having been unloaded and moving towards the carding process.

Spiro also supply bag openers to separate plastic bags from bagged waste allowing for segregation and processing of the waste. Often used in EfW applications, it is important that the waste is separated from the bags for ease of processing. The Bag openers are designed to be used together with the Spirofloor® Moving floors and Moving floor bunkers.

A brief summary of the possible applications is as follows:
Static conveyor floors for use in applications such as waste processing plants where they can be integrated with self-discharging bunkers and dump platforms and used to control the flow of material to picking points.
The Toploader for applications in alternative fuel and waste processing plants where there is a requirement for large storage volumes and low discharge rates.

Spiro Moving Floor Video

The Spirofloor® is the reception bunker of choice for medium sized and large applications. 

Custom designed to the size you require, it can handle huge volumes of material and deliver it into your process as and when it is required.

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