Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor

Efficient dust tight conveyor

Controlling Dust

Controlling dust in manufacturing processes is increasingly important. Bulk materials with high dust content, need enclosed conveying. Renby are experts in dust suppression and bulk handling and offer you one of the most effective dust-tight conveyors available.

A Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor is the serious option for conveying bulk materials which create dust or are just plain problematic. It is also the gentlest conveyor available - great for pre-mixed products.


“How do I move bulk material without dust or spills?” - Simply install a Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor.

“Our ash conveyors are running really well. We want to use them again on other projects”

(Engineering Dir. EFW Company).

The Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor is...

Dust Tight Conveyor

Dust tight: Dust is contained in sealed tubes. Prevents spills of sludges or liquids - especially at transfer, and unloading points.

Pressure Tight: Explosion resistant ATEX versions available.

Tough: Wear and corrosion resistant.

Smooth: Gentle handling retains product quality. Preserves product mix, with minimal segregation.

Modular: Can be extended easily.

Conveying Bulk Solids

Adaptable: Handles powders, granulates, pre-mixed products, wastes, wet, sticky or abrasive materials, chemicals, minerals.

Conveys materials other systems can’t handle. The ideal way to convey your valuable materials.

Economical to run: Energy efficient design offers low power consumption.

Disks made from materials to suit your application, offering low wear rate.

Bulk Material Elevator

Versatile: Conveys around bends in any plane at height or underfloor, fits in tight spaces and can transport material in three dimensions.

  • - Often the only solution possible.
  • - Stops and starts fully loaded.
  • - Multiple outlets possible. No need for multiple conveyors.
  • - Capacities from 0 to 60m3 per hour, based on five different sizes.

A pleasure to own: Self-cleaning and easy to own.


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