Effective Odour Control with NeutrapakTM from Renby Ltd

Odour Control in industry with Neutrapak

Some industrial processes create foul smelling odours. Odour control in waste processing, landfill, sewage treatment and animal rendering suppressing is a constant challenge.

Preventing the odour is often impossible. Treating odours can be very difficult, especially in remote locations where water and power are not readily available. Until recently, it was not straightforward to make a complaint or file legal claims for unpleasant odours.

Now, regulators are giving focus to this area and support action to prevent odours travelling to neighbouring properties.

An increasing number of legal cases are being filed and processors must address the issue to avoid expensive litigation or fines.


Efficient Odour Control with NeutrapakTM:

Introducing; Renby’s NeutrapakTM - an effective and low cost odour control solution. A natural based product made with plant oils which is effective both indoors and outdoors. No power or water are required, so it is ideal for use 24/7 in remote or difficult to access sites. Operating costs are negligible.

Odour control systems often attempt to mask the odour, or filter huge amounts of air. An odour masking agent can often generate a new smell which over time can become a nuisance in itself. Filtering air is not always practical in many applications and impossible outdoors when there is no water or power supply.

“NeutrapakTM was effective, easy to use and the results were almost immediate. Installation was straightforward, and, as the product was degradable, there were no disposal issues.

There were no maintenance costs involved and therefore NeutrapakTM proved cost effective in comparison with other solutions we have used.

We found Renby to be extremely helpful and would not hesitate to use them again if a similar situation arose.”

Project Manager, Urban Regeneration

Odour Control with No Water and No Power

NeutrapakTM is a totally different approach. It neutralises the odour by using plant-oil derived compounds which disperse with air currents and chemically bond to the odour molecules. This change in molecular structure eliminates the odour i.e. neutralises it without the need for a water or power supply.

To facilitate distribution of the active compounds, NeutrapakTM granules are deployed in mesh pouches. These discrete, easy to attach socks, are positioned around the area to be treated, normally at 2 metre intervals and 2 metres from the ground.

The Odour neutralising molecules begin to work immediately upon exposure to air and are released at a slow steady rate. A NeutrapakTM is effective for up to 90 days as long as it is not covered by snow or debris.

Food waste odour control

Bespoke Odour Neutralisation

Most odours occur naturally and the solutions also occur naturally. The natural oils in evergreen trees prevent us from smelling animal waste and decay in forests.

The oils from the trees effectively cancel out the odour generated from the animal waste. The neutralising compounds used in the Renby Odour Control System are derived from natural sources.

The NeutrapakTM from Renby is the result of extensive research which has identified which natural oils neutralise specific odours.

Typical Applications

  • Municipal Waste Landfill Sites
  • Animal Rendering Plants
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Drains and Gulleys
  • Routine Cleaning Operations
  • Settlement Ponds
  • MRFs 

Please check out our NeutrapakTM Applications web page for more details.

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