Control of Dust and Odour with the Renby MicronFogTM System

Dust Suppression in Industry

Cooling, Dust and Odour Control

Renby MicronfogTM – Cooling, Dust and Odour Control With increasing focus by regulatory bodies, many improvements have been made in dust reduction in industry.

For comprehensive industrial dust control, and cooling Renby supply MicronFogTM. Fogging systems (also called misting systems) are proving highly effective at supressing fugitive dust. They are economical and simple to use. New users find thattheir performance often exceeds expectations.

With pressurised water, MicronFogTM is far less expensive to operate and maintain than compressed air injection fog systems. Designed for interior and exterior applications it can also be used for odour suppression, humidification and cooling.


Dust Control in industrial applications

Fogging systems are proven to be an effective method for:

Fogging systems are proven to be an effective method for:

The systems can effectively remove breathable and fugitive dust in the range 0.1 to 1000microns. Importantly, in the increasingly complex legal environment, Renby MicronFogTM Systems meet or exceed the EPA PM 10 standards for dust suppression.

Controlling dust in the factory

How it works: Dust Suppression

MicronFogTM works by spraying pressurised water (Nominal pressure 70 bar) through specially designed nozzles.

A tiny impeller inside the nozzle rotates to break up the water and produces a high concentration of 10 to 12 micron fog droplets.

These tiny water droplets (10 - 12 millionths of a metre in diameter) optimally suppress respirable PM 10 and smaller airborne dust.

Dust particles adhere to the fog droplets. The weight of the dust and water droplet together is such that they fall out of the air.

Water droplet size is critical. Smaller dust particles will bounce off large droplets due to surface tension. More...

Multihead Nozzle for Humidification

How it works: Cooling and Humidification in Industry

MicronFogTM cools industrial facilities using flash evaporation. This cools an area, and allows components that are susceptible to overheating to stay cool.

The water droplets are so small that they evaporate rapidly. This rapid change of state from liquid to vapour absorbs energy which would otherwise have contributed to heat generation. This cools the area effectively and efficiently without wetting. More on Cooling with fog …

Humidification: One might think that spraying is an obvious method for humidification. With low pressure sprays, droplets are too large to vaporise rapidly and just fall to the floor.

MicronFogTM humidifies by using flash evaporation and droplets evaporate whilst they remain airborne.

More on cooling and humididation... (opens in new tab)


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This video demonstrates MicronFogTM in operation.

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