Conveyor Covers that Outlast Conveyors!

conveyor covers on gantry

Launched over 15 years ago, the Traffield range of conveyor covers have been designed to cover all variants of belt conveyor.  With installations all around the world, they are used as a cost effective solution to the problem of containing dust on a belt conveyor. 

Since the merger of our two companies, Traffield conveyor covers are now available from Renby Ltd.


Choose Renby as your conveyor cover provider because:

Lower Cost per Metre
Lower Installation Costs
Robust but Lightweight - Made from Steel
Reduced Downtime for Installation

Why a conveyor cover?

The Environmental Protection Act, requires that:

all conveyors...should be enclosed in order to minimise wind whipping (i.e. at least one side and above) unless the material has already been screened to remove material under 3mm size.

In response to this, we offer a cost effective range of conveyor covers with a number of different options to enable dust containment compliance whilst retaining access where required.

They are manufactured from coated formed steel. The coating ensures a long life in what is often a very aggressive operating environment. We offer a range of colours so that the installation remains in-keeping with your existing plant colour schemes and / or local environmental requirements.

The covers are custom made for each conveyor and can therefore beretrofitted to existing installations or designed in as part of a new installation.

Conveyor cover range


The TC180 Conveyor Cover - which completely encloses the conveyor - for complete dust containment and environmental protection.


The TC120 Conveyor Cover which has one side open - for easy access to conveyor. This enables operators to check idlers and the belt are operating optimally.

TC120 Conveyor Cover combined with the Quick Release Side covers

Removable Side Covers combined with the Quick Release Side covers - for complete dust containment AND easy access.

Contact Us for further Information

The above illustrates our standard range of conveyor covers. Do contact us to discuss alternative and / or special dust containment requirements.

For instance we can supply a field conveyor cover that offers easy access to suspended roller sets without having to remove the cover or cut it at installation.