Dust explosion

Unless certain safety precautions are taken, dust explosions can happen in a huge range of industrial workspaces, from coal mines to food processing lines. Unlike the breath-taking explosions that take place in films, these explosions aren’t created in carefully-controlled conditions. They’re accidents, they can ignite without warning, and they can be deadly.

Are you doing everything you can to protect yourself and others from dust explosions? Before we discuss how you can help prevent dust explosions, let’s take a quick look at how they form, and why they’re so dangerous.

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fog machine

Those working in the world of entertainment come across fog machines on a daily basis. They play a fundamental part of in special effects and help create some of our favourite and most unforgettable scenes in entertainment history.

But how much do you actually know about the ins and outs of how they work? Here we take you behind the scenes to demystify the humble fog machine.

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silica dust large

Commonly found across a range of industries and produced by many different processes, silica dust poses a threat to the safety of workers if not handled correctly. We explore what silica dust is and why it’s so dangerous.

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Fogging a Vegetable Packing Line

Our last blog looked in detail at the dangers posed by workplace dust and the stringent government regulations in place to control it. You know it’s an issue, but what can be done to keep your employees safe, and ensure that you adhere to government regulation?

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asthma inhaler

It’s estimated that there are an estimated 12,000 lung disease deaths each year in the UK linked to past exposures to dust at work.

With stringent government standards on dust regulation, it is essential that employers adhere to legislation in order to keep employees safe from dust.

We’ve taken a look at the several different types of workplace dust, and what you as an employer must do to comply with stringent government standards on dust regulation.

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