About Renby Ltd - Experts in Bulk Solids Handling Systems

Renby Limited is an innovative engineering company specialising in:

Fogging Systems for:

  • Dust Suppression and control,
  • Cooling and Cooling system efficiency,
  • Humidification,
  • Disinfection and Chemical delivery,
  • Special effects in Landscaping, Film Sets, Art and Sculpture.

Odour Neutralisation Devices for indoor and outdoor odour control.

Conveying systems for bulk materials handling. Specifically:

  • Tube Chain Conveyors
  • Moving Floors and
  • Toploaders

Dust and Odour specialists

We help businesses to meet legislation for dust and odour control and reduce exposure to litigation for consequences of airborne dust and odour nuisance.

With over 45 years’ experience in bulk solids handling, Renby are experts in conveying dusty materials and dust suppression.

We combine this experience with up to date knowledge and passion for innovation. We deliver reliable, energy efficient solutions, always striving to forge a safer, cleaner, and sustainable world.

Why You Should Choose Renby Limited

Renby are the UK’s leading provider of fogging systems, tubular drag conveyors and odour neutralisation.

Founded in 2001, incorporating B Travis Engineering (Est 1966), Renby’s background is heavy bulk materials handling and dust suppression in the quarry, recycling, food and minerals processing industries.

We have come a long way since then, evolving our range to reflect the diverse uses of the technologies and the varied and changing needs of our expanding customer base.

So, what makes us different to other companies in our industry?

We have a strong track record. We’ve been in the business a long time. Our success is based on our values of reliability, sustainability, trustworthiness and helpfulness. We’re passionate about environmental and human protection and delivering great products that delight our customers.

We are highly responsive long term partners. We’re not box-shifters who sell and move on. Professionals like you; we follow up installations to ensure they are working at their best, and we’re not afraid to say if our systems are not suitable.

Whether you need dust suppression, dust tight conveyors, heavy bulk materials handling or, if you need to neutralise unpleasant odours, we’ll recommend the most suitable system and ensure once installed, it meets those needs.

We know our industry and the legislative framework. To do our job well, we need to understand your business, your needs or problems you wish to solve, and we truly understand the legislative environment. We help customers to select the most effective, energy efficient solution. Everything we do is aimed at solving problems, and delighting you with the results.


Renby Ltd at About Tarvin Mill

Please note for Sat Navs please use the postcode: CH3 8JU

Tarvin Mill is located 5 miles east of Chester, in a rural location, just at the edge of Tarvin village.  The water powered mill was constructed in approximately 1820.  Before being converted into offices in the early 1970s, Tarvin Mill was changed to electric operation in the early 1900s.

As an established site of green energy production, it seems fitting that even 200 years on, The Mill should play host to a company that is heavily involved in the supply of equipment to companies generating green energy from alternative fuels.  Different technologies but similar underlying principles!