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Bulk Solids Handling, Dust and Odour Control Products

A fogging Nozzle Closeup

Control of Dust and Odour with the Renby MicronFogTM System

Do you need to control dust in your facility?

Fog is a revolutionary and highly effective way to supress dust in an industrial process.

MicronFogTM creates a mist of fine droplets of water.

This removes dust from the air as the fine droplets attach to dust particles which then become heavy and fall from the air.

With additives, it can also control process odours and even flies.

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Tubular Drag Conveyor

Tubular Drag Conveyor - The Schrage Tube Chain Conveyor:

Enclosed conveyors are commonly used where bulk materials need to be transported under cover from one part of a process to the next.

The low energy chain conveyors have many advantages over cable and screw type conveyors.

They are highly versatile in terms of design and can convey around bends, in any plane, underfloor, in tight spaces or at height.

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Neutrapak Effective odour control

Control Odour with Renby’s NeutrapakTM:

Introducing NeutrapakTM - an effective and low cost odour control solution which allows odours to be controlled without power or water.

A natural based product sourced from plant oils which is effective both indoors and outdoors. Found to be effective on landfill sites, it can save waste site operators a great deal of time and trouble.

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Spiro Moving Floors in action

Spirofloor® Moving Floor Bunkers and Bag Openers:

These floors ensure that material is stored and delivered to your process where and when it is needed.

These moving floors can also be equipped with a bag opener.

The custom built Spirfloor® moving floor bunker is a perfect solution for automating the storage and feeding of large volumes of material.

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The Toploader system in action

The Hydratech Toploader(EU Patent No. 882390)

This innovative reception bunker automates materials reception of bulk solids. From biomass and waste of all sorts to compost, soils and many others.

Consuming minimal power, it can be built on existing concrete floors and will steadily feed material into your process.

It can even handle mixed food packaging waste and shredded rubber tyres.

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conveyor cover

Conveyor Covers, Rollers, Idlers and Drums:

Custom designed conveyor covers enclose belt conveyors that are handling dust outdoors. Our covers are available in a range of designs to suit your requirements.

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We supply replacement conveyor idlers and drums to suit your conveyors. Our premium service sees drums manufactured in a few days to your design.

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Polyurethane Screening modules and sprays

Polyurethane Screening Modules and Sprays

Different materials require different screening solutions. The Gustav Meister GmbH range of polyurethane modules offers solutions for all types of materials.

From maximum open areas to solving the problem of blinding, there is a panel for your screening process here.

We also supply spray heads for wet screening applications.

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